Trivandrum, southern tip of India

Trivandrum, southern tip of India

Sat Nam divine ones!

What a journey! We left Anandapur at midnight on Wednesday night, drove all night to arrive in Delhi at 6 am, on the bumpiest road ever, my organs have finally relocated back into my body!

However, we made it safely and soundly! Ipods are amazing, just plug it in, put on the mantras, and whoosh, it seemed 6 hours was over in a flash!

Delhi airport is very modern and convenient, we relaxed with breakfast and people watching! Our little group together!  We then flew most of the day south, almost as far as from the east to west coast in the US, to the state of Kerala, where Trivandrum is. A very radical and extreme difference from the norther Punjabi area. This is the part of India where it is steamy, hot, humid and very Hindu and Christian! Our ayurvedic hermitage sits right on the ocean and all day and night, and during yoga class we are serenaded by the sounds of crashing waves!

WOW, this is awesome. We all met with our ayurvedic doctor for our consultations and have our schedule for daily treatments. Morning finds us all doing sadhana, then yoga class with Mr. Joseph, a sivananda trained tiny little indian man, and then we enjoy a perfectly balanced ayurvedic breakfast outside overlooking the ocean. Can you say ANAND??? Bliss? Really, this is too much.

Here are the extent of my treatments, begin with a sitting up back massage with two women, then lie down and more massage with both women still, and TONS of oil. Then the oil bath begins, with the pouring of at least two gallons of warm oil from head to toe, over and over. Each joint massaged as well as the whole body again. Flip or rather slide over and more on the other side. Needless to say, modesty in these treatments is out the window.

Then my favorite, shiroda, where you are lying there with the warm oil streaming onto your forehead, literally I just go, not sure where but it feels indescribable, as it is focusing you at your ajna chakra and it is the most relaxing thing I have ever had. By then entire body has melted and the sound of birds and the warm air is like I have just been completely submerged into another place.

The hair is wrapped for the day in a cloth, to soak in the oil, and by then it is time for lunch, the beach or whatever!

But what is happening inside is just as wonderful, finally a bit of clarity, and grace. The two weeks north were deeply instigating and this time has given us all time to integrate and melt the shifts into ourselves. Again, I have been overwhelmingly blessed with divine and humorous compatriots on this trip, and each of us brings such a warm, nurturing and loving quality to the Yatra. We are enjoying every single moment.

I hope you feel the warmth, and I am learning too, and want to bring these new meditations, inspirations and love to each of you when I return.

Thanks for your blogs in, I love hearing from you!!!!

love to all, light to all, peace to all,

Kirpal Kaur

4 thoughts on “Trivandrum, southern tip of India

  1. Denise – this sounds totally awesome. I love the pictures of the ocean!! And the experiences that you are having must truly be life altering – can’t wait to hear LOTS more when you get back. Be safe, you are in my thoughts!

  2. Sat Nam Denise! Wonderful pictures and descriptions. Thank you so much for each of your blogs. I look forward to them. They bring with them a sense of the peace and wonder you are experiencing. You are blessing each of us with your posts and brightening our days! Thank you. As always, you are in my thoughts and prayers. Love, Carter

  3. Hey Sister!!!! wow! I can see your pictures here. My email would not show them. Wow! You look fabulous. So HAPPY! I miss you tons. I can’t wait to hear about your final trip. In my thoughts. – Love and Peace- Devjeet

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