Sithera Sukkha a la Blizzard and Moving

Sithera Sukkha a la Blizzard and Moving

Patanjali, the phenomenal yogic sage who codified the teachings of yoga for us, reminds me of “sithera sukkha”, basically, “ease in the effort”.  Yep, working on that with the blizzard of the decade bearing down on us as I move to Cambridge, MA tomorrow.  My new mantra, “It’s only weather” is really getting some good use!

Thank you again to each of you who have been a light in my life and always will be, and keep up your sadhanas, it is truly the magical key to awakening and pure joy!!!

Seriously, I have to crack up at all of this, because, didn’t we just KNOW this would happen!  I am not feeling defeated, in fact, my new “New England” perseverance is coming up in me.  Maybe it is because I just spent a week in the sacred lands of Guatemala with 12 of the most beautiful and joyful souls!  We had a very transformative experience and my heart truly is overwhelmed with gratitude to the willingness and openness of everyone who came.  After 4 hours of yoga each day, and a guided meditation relaxation at night, they still wanted to rise early and chant to Guru Ram Das for over an hour as the sun rose and on our very last morning, we greeted the day with the Aquarian sadhana.

We were “baptized” in the chilly waters of Lake Atitilan and we were baked in the wood fired sauna.  We were fed delicious vegetarian food each day and we (tried) to work on our Spanish!  The view from the yoga room was incredible, looking out over the lake with two giant volcanoes rising up across the Lake.  (Photos to come, sorry!)  And we had a Shaman bless and protect us, here is one photo from that:

Overall, I came home from our “Journey into the Garden Within” retreat feeling incredibly calm, centered and GRATEFUL!  In the whole journey, within and without, we all experienced Sithera Sukkha!  We realized the harder we pushed, it would push back, so let go and let God! and we did and it came!!!

Now, I am writing to you, for the very last time from my little home office here in Annapolis, and after sadhana this morning, I looked around my home and thanked her so much for holding us in her warm and loving embrace for the last nine years, and I know it is time to go, and I am ready.

BUT, I will be right back, as ET said, so, no worries or sadness, I will be right back!!

From my heart to yours, always

Be the light, and light the way,

Denise Kirpal Kaur

One thought on “Sithera Sukkha a la Blizzard and Moving

  1. Hi! I just ran across your blog, while searching for Kundalini yoga in the Baltimore area. I was sorry to see you are no longer here, but leads to my next question. Is there a center you can recommend where one can begin the practice of Kundalini Yoga? Thanks so much for sharing your journey- Maggie

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