Fall is a great time to begin a 40 day meditation.  To bring balance to the mind and body in the changing season, sit for 6-11 minutes each day and after creating a moment of Gratitude and Acknowledgement.
Nadi Shodhana or, left and right nostril breathing.  A simple but profoundly powerful way of balancing both hemispheres of the brain and the male/female polarities.
Place left hand on left knee with index and thumb touching, Gyan mudra.
With right hand, using index finger close right nostril, inhale left.
Close left nostril, exhale right.
Now, inhale right, exhale left.
Inhale left, exhale right.
Inhale right, exhale left and keep going for 6-11 minutes.
Use the index and pinky finger switching between the two to go back and forth.  Eyes closed and focused at the point between your eyebrows.
Relax and feel the effects!

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