Want to clear out and shed some of that winter sludge?

Try this delicious and simple tea to gently pull some of the aam or toxins out while rebuilding your own capacity to digest, assimilate and eliminate! We often focus so much on detoxing that we don’t give enough credence to rasayana, the art of rebuilding our ojas or deep strength, vitality and glow. This simple tea is Tridoshic and will benefit most everyone. Always let me know if you experience any concerns and I will help modify it for you.

Tridoshic Detox/Fortifying Tea

6-8 cups pure clean water
1 heaping teaspoon organic cumin and fennel seeds
1 Tablespoon fresh cut or grated organic ginger root (scrubbed but does not have to be peeled)
Optional: 1 heaping teaspoon of Licorice powder for Pitta, Dashamoola for Vata or whole Cloves for Kapha

Grind your seeds and bring to a boil in the water. Sip throughout the day for a week or two. Great tea to take to work in a thermos or just sip when you feel sluggish, foggy, slow or burdened.

Licorice and dashamoola are available online through BanyanBotanicals.com


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