What kind of fabric are you wearing?

Are you aware that natural fabrics like cotton, silk, wool, linen and even bamboo create a feeling of ease on your skin and in your actual well being and that unnatural fabrics like polyester and many microfibers can create a feeling of un-ease? Often we fail to connect these ideas, that our general feeling of comfort and ease can be so intimately related to what we are wearing. Try noticing how you feel when you are in all natural fibers that work to naturally conduct your own bodies electromagnetic energy more smoothly and thus, your thinking and behaviors may become less prickly and agitated.

Massage is one of the most nourishing and nurturing things we can do for ourselves. For Vata and Kapha benefit most from sesame oil while Pitta thrives with almond or grapeseed. Mix in the above essential oils to create a smell that suits you and massage your body before your shower to allow the oils to penetrate deeply. At night, wash your feet in cold water and then massage with the oil for a relaxing and deep sleep. A dab of Brahmi oil on your Crown Chakra will also calm and ground a restless
mind. Dry brushing before oil is another great way to stimulate your skin and open the pores and release old cells.

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