Fall into Vata Season

September 22nd was our Autumn Equinox, and for those of you living above the Equator, we begin our gradual transition into Fall and Winter, and with the changing winds, Vata, the elements of Air and Ether increase. You may feel dry, light and spacey or some even have mucus coming up or difficulties breathing. Mostly we experience a feeling of lightness in both mind and spirit, as well as body.

Tips to stay G R O U N D E D and calm!

  • Phase out of raw foods, juices and cold, light and dry foods.
  • Phase in warm soups, stews, cooked foods like mung beans, kitchari, lentils and plenty of healthy oils and ghee.
  • Practice a daily routine and STICK with it, even if you do feel like you need to be flexible, do so, but within healthy rhythms, rhymes and routines!
  • Oil your body with warm Sesame or almond oil before your bath.
  • Meditate and Practice Gratitude, and be amazed at the gifts that flow into your life.
  • Enjoy one of my yummy favorites: Chyvanprash, an Indian blend of many herbs and spices that are cooked to form a jam like paste and is delicious! Eat a teaspoon a day on warm bread, in oatmeal or even by itself.  Very nuturing and nourishing.


Segmented Breathing for Steady Spirit


Sit in a comfortable seated pose
Hands on knees in Surya Mudra (Ring finger and thumb touching)
Eyes closed looking downward towards tip of nose

Inhale in 2, 4 or 8 distinct sniffs
Pause with breath in
Exhale in 4, 8 or 16 parts using abdominal muscles to aid in breath release
Pause with breath out
Begin again

The ratio is 1:2, so for 2 inhales, you will exhale in 4 parts, etc.

Calmly do this for 3, 6 or 11 minutes daily to establish a calmer and stronger connection with your Parasympathetic system.

In our go, go, go world our Sympathetic Nervous system and the adrenal glands experience incredible stress and depletion. This simple pranayama (breath control) will help to “reset” the link between the systems and give relief to the Adrenal glands, as well it will ground Vata for the Fall.



2 thoughts on “Expire

  1. Dear Denise,
    I just met you last Tuesday on your last lesson in Cambridge. I was fascinated by your class and decided to be more active with kundalini practice. You said bunch of interesting things that triggered more reading for me and my husband. Thank you for that! I will definitely go to Sat Nam festival and will do my best to practice at home and visit classes. Best of luck with your move! Too bad I didn’t use that time that you have been near by… I will watch your retreats and may be will have an opportunity to join!
    Sat nam,

    • Thank you for being there last week, and I hope to stay in touch. Sign up for my emails and maybe you can visit in CA soon!
      In light,

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