Encouraging Grace, Employing the Pause

Encouraging Grace, Employing the Pause

We are just back from a beautiful retreat to Costa Rica, where the sun, ocean, breezes and fresh food nourished our bodies and the opportunity to practice yoga and meditation twice a day fed our Souls! Thank you to those beautiful beings who came from as far away as Germany and Canada and as close as Panama, as well as Wisconsin, Minnesota, and California!  Thank you for taking time to pause from your busy lives to explore stillness within.

Back home, in my beloved Cali, thrust back into the business of Life, I observed something. I observed the lack of “Pause”.  Certainly living here in Santa Cruz, we do have Pause, maybe more than anywhere else I have lived.  But my conversations, emails, and interactions are with many from all over, and, just catching up on news, what I see is this huge lack of Pause.  We hit the button so fast with sending off a text message, tweet, email or comment that where is that moment to simply Pause and consider the impact, the implication of our thoughts coming out as words or actions?

Where is the Grace in our response or are we just reacting?  It is easy to witness in myself how I can jump and make a quick statement, so I want to encourage all of us, to Pause. Like we may have been taught as kids, count to 10, give it a moment, consider what you are releasing into the Universe: it will carry a vibration for a while and it may swing back around to grab us.

On retreat, we get to retreat from all that pushes us, dictates to us and demands of us. This dogma, doctrine, obligation and responsibility is there when we get home, but hopefully with fresh eyes, a more open heart, we may witness to ourselves what is important and what is not. What we want or shall carry and what we will drop.

And that is what I call Grace, our ability to willingly and consciously choose.  To use our maturity to decide, and to act from a place of graceful kindness.  Isn’t it so “old fashioned”, to think before we blurt, to consider before we text or tweet and to pause before we react…just give it a moment and then consider…is it necessary? Is it kind? Is it contributing to the good of your Spirit and that of the other?  I sure am going to do my best here, let me know what you think. In heart with you,

Denise Kirpal Kaur

One thought on “Encouraging Grace, Employing the Pause

  1. robin daima sol

    “Pause before we hit the Send button” ~ ha ha … didn’t I just do this to you? YES … Pause. I agree.

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