What is Meditation?

Meditation is undisturbed, concentrated attention on the present moment. It is the cleaning of the subconscious, removing the obstacles that keeps us locked into reactive patterns of behavior. Meditation instills in us the strength, stamina and grace to consciously choose our responses in everyday situations. Simple, sublime and yet so amazingly profound.

Meditation in conjunction with the practice of Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, is an effective, safe and powerful way of achieving heightened awareness and increased states of consciousness. The practice of Kundalini Yoga strengthens the nervous system and the entire physical, mental and emotional well being of an individual.

You can utilize higher frequencies brought on by meditation with a nourishing yoga practice. The experience is gradual, safe and enjoyable with the ascent of the Kundalini energy bringing on attendant pleasures and a deeper sense of wholeness and inner connectedness to the Divine within.

A daily practice  brings the meditative neutral mind into everyday life and elevates day to day living to a higher plateau. This is the form for the “householder” and done together, the joys and challenges of regular life are “ridden” instead of them riding us. We learn to become the watcher, the observer and realize our True Nature.

Man lighting candle in living room

How to Create a Home Practice

Create a quiet, sacred, clean space for your practice. Warm up with some stretching, movement and breathwork.

It helps to select a sound current to begin, for Kundalini Yoga, we begin  by chanting “Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo” 3 times ( I Bow to the Creative Wisdom that resides within me). However chanting the sound of OM, or any other sacred sounds that resonate with your heart will work well. Chanting helps to immediately open the Anahata, the Heart Chakra and begin a gentle vibration within, and will ground and heal you.

Begin your meditation by drawing your attention inward, Pratyahara, directing your Prana or life force within.  Focus on your incoming and outgoing breath. Feel it moving in as you follow it down your spine, feel it moving out, follow it upwards and out.

Once you feel attention directed inward, begin Dharana which means to now draw that inward attention to a single focus point, like a laser beam. With eyes open or closed, focus at this one point, not a hard focus but a gentle yet firm gaze. Keep your eyes at this point, whether at the tip of your nose or at the Third eye point.

Feel Dhyana begin which is when the concentration has become fuller and your monkey mind may only jump a little. What you may be gazing at, inwards or outwards will merge into you.  The breath at this time may become very light, if you are going with a non descript pranayama, or breathing pattern.

Samadhi is the experience of Oneness, when you feel the consolidation of all efforts merging into the existence. For each person it may feel different, yet the common thread is a true and authentic sense of well being, calm and groundedness. There is not a feeling of being outside of yourself, yet a feeling of being fully here and present.

Feel free to explore the myriad of options for Meditation, yet know that, within the different styles of meditation, there is still the one goal, of creating that true stillness within; the ability to observe the mind and recognize that thoughts come and go, but the pervading stillness that resides within remains steady, and that the commitment to meditate daily will change your life.

Upon completion of your meditation, you may chant any closing mantra, or in Kundalini Yoga we chant “Sat Nam”, meaning Truth is my True Identity, to close.

Allow a few moments to integrate your practice and enjoy your day or night.

Not So Simple Things to Remember

  • Be Still
  • Open, Relax, Let Go
  • Allow Everything To Be As It Is, True Stillness Is Our Natural State, Not Manipulation
  • Ego: Repetitive Patterns Of Thinking
  • Inquiry
  • Dynamic Desire For Reality
  • Love Of Truth
  • Who Or What Am I?
  • If You Don’t Know The Truth Of Your Own Being
  • How Can You Know The Validity Of Anything Else?
  • Begin To Realize
  • I Am The “Consciousness” In Which All This Is Occurring