Simran and Prosperity Meditations

Songs to Create Mental Clarity

Simran, which means the constant remembrance of the Infinite, is particularly effective for relaxing the mind. You can use a simple mantra, such as Sat Nam, or a more complex sound, as in the ones below. These chosen mantras help in creating mental clarity, and conscious concentration. You can find them in the Listen and Chant page of this website.


Sit in a cross legged position (or a chair if unable to sit), with hands resting on knees in Gyan mudra, index and thumb tips pressing. Eyes are closed can look at third eye point.


Let your thoughts melt as you consciously concentrate on the mantra. Breathe normally, but be conscious to breath or chant along.

Recommended mantras (full mantras found on “Listen and Chant” webpage

Dhan Dhan Ram Das Guru, for miracles and will bring peace to a troubled and ever wandering mind.

Rakhe Rakhanhar, for protection against all negative forces, inner and outer which move against one’s walk on the path of destiny. It cuts like a sword through every opposing vibration, thought, word and action.

Ardas Bahee, Amar Das Guru, this is the mantra that prays for you, it will save your grace, rewrite your destiny through this prayer.


11-31 minutes per day. Recommended 40 days.

To End:

Inhale hold your breath and concentrate at the third eye point and exhale, do this three times. Close with Sat Nam, hands at the heart center in Prayer pose.


Prosperity Meditation from Kundalini Yoga


Put both hand over the heart center, left underneath and the right on top. Close your eyes. Breathe very deep breaths, absolutely long, deep and slow.


Find God as a deity sitting in your heart center and you are holding this deity with two hands. Every request, all expansion and all prosperity of you within you, shall come to you, if you pray, holding the Infinite at the heart center. Feel no weakness at being one to one, or face to face; every finite has the authority, the blessing and the goodwill to face Infinity within.

When you hold your heart with a presiding deity of that Infinity, the sound word is “Wha-Hay Guroo,” the Trikuti, Father, Son and Holy Ghost, all in oneself. Then you breathe long and deep and love your prana, the breath of life, you shall find result.

Hold this space. This is the most precious prayer, the most precious moment of your life.

Use it that way. Make yourself stronger and stronger. The deeper the breath, the better the results. Inhale deeper; inflate your rib cage as much as you can; bring a lot of prana to your heart center. Let it be lit by your own grace. Do it for yourself, do it right, do it powerfully.

Long, deep inhalations burn disease in the deepest corners of you lungs and your body. Let God preside within you, with His presence at your heart center. It’s the most wonderful and beautiful moment of your life when you as finite can understand Infinity within you. Feel it, touch it and relate to it.


11 -31 minutes

To End:

Lock your elbows, inhale deeply, hold and squeeze your body and every fiber with the locked elbows. Cannon fire out through the mouth. Repeat this 3 times. Let go, relax.