500 HR Advanced Teacher Training

Divine Light Yoga Advanced 500 HR  Teacher Training

with Denise Kirpal Lapides, E-RYT 500 and

Divinitree Yoga’s founder, Ann Averbach, RYT 500



Essential Wisdom, Strength, Spirit

Invoke Wisdom, Module 1:  Laulima Farm, Maui, HI

 October16-26, 2015, Register now

       Delve deep, connect and awaken your essential wisdom within. Build on your knowledge, experience and practice with the power of yoga, mind, body, spirit earth union.

 90 hours

Truth/Earth Connection/Advanced Asana, Pranayama and Meditation Techniques/Body Dynamics/Sacred Studies/Ayurvedic Alchemy/Local and Indigenous Plant and Cultural Learning/Magic at every turn

At the beautiful Laulima Farm, Kipahulu, HI, a Unesco World Heritage site

$2650.00 early bird discount register by July 20th, 2015

                   After July 20th, regular cost of $2850.00  

All airport transport, meals and lodging included with tuition. Airfare not included.

Invoke Strength, Module 2: Sacred Valley, Peru,

Spring 2016

Invoke Spirit, Module 3: Location TBD

Fall, 2016


Divine Light Yoga School now offers an advanced teacher training to graduates of the 200 Hour Divine Light Teacher training or another qualified school. These 300 additional hours of advanced instruction combine with the existing 200 hours to grant an advanced 500 Hour Yoga Alliance sanctioned registration and certification from Divine Light Yoga. All 300 hours must be taken from Divine Light Yoga for certification by Divine Light Yoga with Yoga Alliance.

  • Three 10 day modules plus at home reading, teaching/seva and writing assignments equal the 300 hours which may be completed between 18 months to three years.
  • Two 10 Day modules will be offered each year. The purpose of this style of learning is to allow each student to integrate and concatenate the teachings and experiences in order to evince competency, sagacity and acumen. In between modules, regular on line gatherings will empower learning and develop continuity for community and support.
  • The 10 day modules will be taught in residency, in locations that provide a unique and divine habitat for preserving the potency of the experience and to extract the natural benefits from each area, i.e. Perma-culture, plant, herbal and Ayurvedic medicine, local and indigenous cultural and spiritual teachings, and nature.

Conjuring essential wisdom, spirit and strength, we wish to build upon your already foundational knowledge and move your understanding, interpretation and expectations for a more advanced practice into a place of reality that meets today’s needs. Competency refers to having sufficient skill or knowledge, and within knowledge is power, and we use this power with courage and grace to see within ourselves more clearly. Sagacity refers to acuteness of mental discernment and we use this awareness to embody a full yogic lifestyle and right livelihood with consciousness around daily choices.   Acumen refers to keen insight and we use this to provide a harmonious synthesis of the many aspects of embodying this practice, teaching and lifestyle.

Deepening your personal practice is essential in order to extract wisdom from your Sadhana. We teach you from that place within us, from our experience on and off the mat. Furthering the Foundational Teachings, we elaborate in all areas, and specifically:

Asana and Pranayama

To clearly demonstrate, integrate and develop a more in depth teaching platform, we will intensify our daily practice with an enriched Sadhana. Today’s fast paced lifestyle and technology overload consistently demand awareness around the needs of depleted, drained and stressed students. Creating and teaching from a place of balance, harmony and well being provide for a rejuvenating and sustainable practice. As today’s teachers, we need to be able to recognize this in our classrooms and understand how alignment and the use of therapeutics and props can make or break a practice. Change occurs at the speed of light and developing techniques to address and heal in the classroom requires acumen and poise. You will learn how to assimilate ancient teachings with modern wisdom to evolve your teaching skills. Breath is life, life is breath, and to understand the intricacies of working with the Life Force, Prana, we will thoroughly explore from the basic to the in depth levels of breathing.

Teaching and Practice will include:

  • Twice daily asana practice led by lead trainers
  • Identification and instruction for beginning, intermediate, advanced and all levels classes
  • Deeper cultivation of your personal teaching style, including deeper explorations into Vinyasa flow sequencing, alignment based, restorative and Yin practices
  • Full exploration and alignment delineation for all asana groupings as per the Foundational Level training
  • Advanced asana exploration and vinyasa krama styles
  • Advanced teaching techniques
  • Therapeutic yoga techniques with specific healing modalities for injury
  • Surya Namaskar A and B extended explorations with creative additions
  • Energetics of Assists: advanced techniques and use of props
  • Using Subtle body energy for advanced practices, including Bandhas, Pranayama and alternative practices
  • In depth exploration of Kapalabhati, Bhastrika, Nadi Shodhana, Kundalini breath techniques, One Minute Breath and Brahmari.
  • Specific instruction on how to teach Pranayama per doshic imbalance
  • How to strengthen, tone, recharge and restore with Pranayama
  • How to harmonize emotional, mental and spiritual conditions with Pranayama as well as conjuring altered states.
  • How to structure a class on Pranayama


Body Dynamics

The physical body contains a myriad of systems, skeletal, muscular, respiratory, nervous and cardiovascular. Within these systems, the subtle or energy body exists with its rarefied and intangible presence. With mind manifesting body, the study and understanding of how these systems integrate is critical. Preventing pain and injury or ahimsa, lies at the very root of these practices. Here we will explore in more depth the structure, system and nature of body dynamics.

Teaching and Practice will include:

  • Learning to recognize habitual patterns to prevent injury and alleviate pain
  • Furthering the study of how mind manifests body through subtle energy channels and how to shift awareness to release long held beliefs, patterns and thus illness and dis-ease.
  • Further explorations into Ayurveda and its role in practice and lifestyle with herbs, body treatments, and food
  • Review and analysis of key muscles and their interplay with asana, bandhas, nadis, chakras and vayus
  • An esoteric walk into the world of cellular disharmony and the Organ Emotional link
  • Specific attention to vegetarianism and the impact of a non vegetarian diet
  • Nutrition and health: food choices, lifestyle choices
  • Sound healing and its ramifications
  • Exploring the science of Neuroplasticity of the Brain and its relationship to Sadhana

Philosophy, Ethics, Meditation, Mantra, and Mudra

Removing the divide between “doing yoga” and “living yoga” is as essential as it is to realize that meditation is not something we “do” as much as a way that we live. Often we may find in our initial foray into a spiritual path, that many precepts are directly contradictory to our current lifestyle. Bridging this gap and cultivating a more aware and gracious lifestyle without becoming dogmatic takes skill and humility. The ancient sacred yogic texts as well as some splendid modern works lend great insight into this art of creating, teaching and embodying a harmonious life. Tools for this include summoning fortitude, educing poise and potentiating humility. Incorporating discussions and practices to assimilate ethics and philosophy along with reflective, mindful and inquiry based meditation practices using mantra, mudra and breath will synthesize Eastern minds with Western issues.

Teaching and Practice will include:

  • Visiting our relationship to the ancient sacred texts and their application to today’s lifestyle to create a sacred teaching platform
  • Elaboration on sacred texts such as the Gherandha and Shiva Samhitas, Yoga Spandakarika and other sacred works, including the Bhagavad Gita
  • Exploring in depth meditation techniques with extended times
  • Incorporating local and indigenous cultural spiritual practices
  • Exploring Japa: the art and science of mantra chanting
  • Exploring Mudra: the benefits and results
  • Active practices to enhance practical ways of Service including conversations and activities on: Social activism, organizing and conducting Satsang and cultivating a giving and involved student body
  • How to recognize your Dharma and work with that
  • Conversations around: community responsibility, environmental concerns of the times, Perma-culture and living in the world but not being of it
  • Ego: how it shows up and how to create and live from a dynamic process and not goal oriented
  • Hidden agendas in and out of the classroom, witnessing the grounds for teaching from a place of need to giving
  • Learning to observe, assist, correct, enhance and demonstrate from a place of inspiration
  • Tuning into the Body’s wisdom with insight into body feedback, pain, injury, mental suffering, dogma driven practice, restricted belief systems, past memory, conflicting systems and authoritarian practices
  • Moving from prodding to elevation in your teaching methods
  • Cultivate in your teaching honesty, pure compassion and support
  • Classroom situations: inappropriate student/teacher relationships, vulnerability in the class, and how to handle unexpected classroom situations


Actualizing the Process

Invoking the pearls of wisdom from each learning moment takes critical thinking, often outside of the “box”. The entire foundation of the Divine Light Yoga teacher training is to instill within you a strong, inspiration driven Sadhana, without dogma or compulsion. The heartfelt intent is for you to develop and sustain a lifetime practice that carries you deeper and deeper into Self awareness. Using ancient and modern tools, teaching in a Sattvic environment, and allowing ample time for process, integration and joy, we know that with your heartfelt devotion, all that shows up is exactly what is meant to. Our intention is to further your ability to create, execute and deliver inspiring, personal and effective classes and learning experiences.

Teaching and Practice will include:

  • Honing of your teaching skills with personally created sequences directed towards target audiences
  • Peer reviews to refine languaging, voice projection, classroom presence and energy focus to develop confidence and ease
  • Discussions and inquiry regarding our idealizations, visioning and dreams for teaching
  • Refining your teaching platform: orchestrating workshops, classes, retreats and trainings with themes and formats
  • Right livelihood: how to teach yoga ethically in a modern world
  • Seva: service, activism and community involvement
  • Marketing your self, branding, actuating your identity with grace and humility

Outside the Modules

Throughout the course, between the modules, you will be asked to continue your Sadhana, as this is the platform from which you will teach. Inspiring and sacred books will be recommended for reading and book reviews will be required. Personal Seva will also be a part of the program.

Activities will include:

  • Completion of three 40 day, two 90 day or one 120 day uninterrupted meditation with summary paper written, after each 10 day module.
  • Complete one Book Review per module, reading to be specified.
  • Attend on line conversation/sessions as per module schedule to the best of your ability.
  • Seva/Activism: each of you will be asked to serve in your community for no less than 20 hours (during the 300 hr time period) as a volunteer either teaching in a special environment (prison, community center for children or the elderly, hospital, rehab center, camps, etc.) or create and manifest an event that presents yoga and healthy lifestyle practices for the public. Documentation of the hours or event are necessary for credit, with an in class presentation during a module.



  • your attendance at three of the 10 day modules
  • the acceptance of your three book reviews,
  • the acceptance of your Meditation papers
  • the recognition of your Seva/Activism hours, you will be eligible to graduate the 300HR Teacher Training Program and will be able to register with Yoga Alliance at the Advanced 500 HR Level.

We welcome you to our joyful and sacred expression of teachings. Registration is now open. For more information or discussion, please contact me directly, Denise@divinelightyoga.com or 410-570-2878.