Congratulations to the following graduates of the 200 Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Program


  • Laura Burke
  • Donna Curry
  • Karen Heil
  • Beth Surgenor
  • Kim Walther


  • Patricia Brannigan
  • Hilary Raftovich
  • Camilla Schwarz
  • Madi Summerlin
  • Diane Voschell
  • Kendra Wesley


  • Donna Addkison
  • Tiffany Bauthongsook
  • Cindy Brown
  • Leslie Cario
  • Missy Carpenter
  • Carole Derry
  • Andie Lichtenstein
  • Missy Maule


Inspirations and comments:

 What is yoga?


Yoga is love,
peace and striving to find our true self. We find
grace in the way we handle ourselves in
everyday situations. We become protected
from pain and suffering because we believe
in a creation higher than ourselves and we
give up our control of why an how to the divine
power, which is God. Yoga is meditation that
allows us to watch the mind and observe our habits
and the way we live our life. We gain knowledge
and begin to see our true self.


-Andie L.


“The part of the course I enjoyed most was learning about the Chakras, which came as a surprise. Knowing next to nothing about them, my impression was that they would be a bit too make-believe to someone like me who always has to see something to believe it. The way that we dove into each Chakra to really feel and open the energy center was incredible. There were some enormous self-realizations and shifts that can only happen when you look below the surface, meditate on those subjects, and further work with them through a creative outlet such as drawing our own versions of the symbols. Actually seeing the energy of the chakras through the motion of the pendulum and allowing myself to become immersed in the music pulled the experience together unforgettably.”

“The most important aspect of teacher trainging for me is that I now have a better understanding of what Yoga is really about. I get it. I have not attained its ultimate goal of “unity with the Divine” but I am working on it and have my moments. Through this program I have come to understand Patajali’s eight steps, their importance and how they can help me on my life’s journey. I can now access a wealth of knowledge and tools with an understanding of them that can help guide me forward on my journey if I but choose to apply and commit to them.”

“There was nothing I did not like about the class. It was sometimes difficult for me to keep up physically with the asana part of things, but i know that will come in time and as I get more disciplined with my own daily practice. This class has been one of the pivotal changing points in my life and I am on a path to reduce the stress in my life, simplify it and have more time to do the things that give me the feeling that I am closer to my truth and God. Having more time to do the things that make me feel like I am one with the world and one with God is my goal. I am furhter along in having the consciousness now to start to identify what those things are. Before this class, I did not. I would call that extremely significant!” Pat B.

“Overall, my favorite part of the training is being in the presence of people who are interested in the same things as I am. I love the diversity of our class. It always feels real, and like we are studying THE most important things. I love how I feel at the end of a a weekend – tired but very grounded. I feel like I just spent three days reaquainting myself with my true self.” Camilla S.

“It’s hard to say what my favorite part of the training has been- I’ve enjoyed it all. For me the class went from training to a journey of self discovery – never compromising any of the academics of the training. I found my Self, my connectedness and my inner strength. Your words of encouragement along the way gave me that extra push when I began to question myself- Thank you!” Madi S.

“ROCK ON! you are a master teacher and if you continue to put forth the effort you do, if you stay with your practice and your truth as you are, you will become a GREAT master teacher. I am so proud to have been a part of this journey with you as well as all the others in the class. I came away with so much more than I ever could have imagined. THANK YOU KIRPAL! May you have much success as you move into your next teacher training.” Karen H., Lady Guru