Ojas, Our Personal Storehouse of Vitality


Ojas literally means “vigor”. It is the subtle essence of the reproductive and all vital secretions. It underlies all our psychophysical capacities and is unique to Ayurveda. Ojas is the quintessential substance of our life energy and exists on a subtle level in the Heart Chakra, the Anahata. Disease strikes at the locations where Ojas is weak. In modern terms it is related to the essential energy of the immune system and is described as the subtle heat of all the tissues.
Ojas looks like sparkle in the eyes, luster to the skin, glow to the face, enthusiasm in voice, manner and heart, lightness in body and mind. Vigor, strength, stamina and heartiness.
Increase your Ojas with foods like milk, honey, ghee, dates, and special tonic herbs your Ayurvedic practitioner may recommend.

Chanting Om or Ram as your mantra practice with heartfelt devotion and positive attitudes of faith, peace, love and compassion founded in contentment will strengthen your Ojas.

Adequate rest, contact with nature, and opening to the cosmic life force all enhance your Ojas.
by Dr. Ranade, “A Textbook of Kayachikitsa”